CD or digital downloads available now on cd baby,  iTunes, etc....!

October 2018:
Finally, my first album is finished. "Apart" is available on cd baby, iTunes, and many other sources, both digitally and in cd form. And soon enough, also in LP form. Yes, VINYL! Thanks to all involved for their support.

September 2018:
Lo and behold! "Waves" is my newest song and is likely to be the first song in the collection and on the cd. And I'm likely to include another new one started several months ago and now nearing completion, "Romantic Friend." As soon as I finish the recording and mastering of these two, I'm off to cd baby to finally get this thing out.

August 2018:
And now I've got yet another new song which I think will push "Space Girl" out as "last song" because "So Real" is so nice, that, well, I've got to include it in the collection. The project is still coming along but now I've decided to finally bring in some outside help and have one song professionally mixed, and all songs professionally mastered. I have to realize that I can't do everything myself to the level that I want it to be at.

June 2018:
Now I'm working on the art-concept for the cover and cd booklet, not so easy, copyright issues are forcing me to produce the artwork myself, which is fine, but it all takes time...

April 2018:
I've just finished what will be the last song on my first album! "Space Girl" is I think a fitting transition from "what was" to "what will be." So now my cd will be available soon. 

I've also just finished a cover version of Grizzly Bear's "Mourning Sound" that I really love. In addition to my own compositions I've recorded a lot of cover songs and have to figure out how and when to get them out... 

​- Mark Milne

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